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Consumer Information

 Tuition and Fees:
                                            Registration Fee            Tuition
Cosmetology                                $100                     $16,650
Nail Technology                            $100                       $7,100
Apprentice Instructor                    $100                       $7,500

On Time Graduation Rate: 

The on-time graduation rate is determined by the number of students that graduated between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2015.  Then determining the number of those students that graduated in normal time. The U.S. Department of Education prohibits schools from including in the on-time graduation rate graduates that graduated after the normal time. Whether a student graduates on-time or not can be affected by several different factors including family responsibilities, child care, health reasons, etc.  Students who fall into this category, although they graduate, do not meet the definition of an on-time graduate and are not included in the on-time graduation rate.  The normal time for the Cosmetology program is 60 weeks and 33% graduated on time.  The normal time for the Nail Technology program is 20 weeks and 75% graduated on time The normal time for the Apprentice Instructor program is 34 weeks and 67% graduated on time.

Median Loan Debt: 

The median loan debt for students graduating between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 is the mid-range debt amount or debt a typical student has when they graduate.  Federal Student Aid Debt is debt from federal student loans and Non-Federal Student Aid Debt is debt from private lenders and/or institutional loans.

                                                    Federal Student     Non-Federal Student 
                                                         Aid Debt                    Aid Debt

Cosmetology Program                      $13,508                      $0.00
Nail Technology Program                    $3,075                      $0.00
Apprentice Instructor Program          $10,404                      $0.00

Placement Rate: 

The placement rate is the percentage of graduates that found employment in their field of study.  The method for calculating the placement ragte is determined by the school's accrediting agency and is determined by students that graduated within a specific time frame and found employment.

The placemet rate for the Cosmetology program is 50%, Nail Technology 73%, and the Apprentice Instructor program 100%.

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